About G.O.

G.O. of Bais Yaakov of Boston - The G.O. of Bais Yaakov is the extracurricular branch that brings spirit and unity to the school. From the student council presidents, to the “heads” of various functions, something is always being planned for the express purpose of making school an exciting place to be. Whether it is a short interactive game in which girls are randomly mixed and matched, or a Shabbaton where the girls are with each other outside of school hours, the Bais Yaakov girl is learning social skills. A student is able to develop her leadership qualities, by being a part of a committee of girls, chosen to plan, organize, and orchestrate one of the many events that happen throughout the year. She is utilizing her talents and creativity, working with a team, and learning responsibility. Every student in Bais Yaakov is on at least one committee as a leader, and each girl is also offered the opportunity to help with the various functions that take place.