The performing arts program at Bais Yaakov of Boston is an integral part of the holistic development of our students. Performing on stage and stretching beyond their comfort zone as they project themselves in front of an audience of hundreds is an extraordinary confidence builder as well as a superb creative outlet for self-expression. In addition, the deep satisfaction of developing latent talents and honing skills that they often didnít know they had can be a transformative experience.

Opportunities for personal growth abound as the students develop patience, perseverance, resilience and team building skills while they navigate the challenges of bringing such a major event to fruition. Artistic talent and creativity as well as organizational and technical skills are cultivated throughout the weeks of preparation for production.

Student committee heads develop genuine leadership skills as they guide their peers to success in dance, movement, choir, drama and many other areas. The joy and the unity that is generated is palpable as students from all grades work together in harmony to achieve a common goal.

Performing Arts Program

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