About Adult Education

L'Eylah provides high-quality Torah classes to women in the Greater Boston Jewish community. The L'Eylah project was developed by Bais Yaakov of Boston and is coordinated by Mrs. Yehudis Solomon. Our goal is to give women the opportunity to learn with some of Bais Yaakov’s finest educators. We understand that the growth of our community is dependent upon the Jewish woman, who is the cornerstone of her home. When the Jewish woman deepens her education, her vibrancy rejuvenates her community. We hope you can join us in our upcoming programs.
L’Eylah sponsorships are welcome and appreciated and enable us to provide high quality programs. A course may be sponsored in memory of a loved one, for a refuah shelaimah, or to celebrate a simcha. To sponsor one of our programs, please call Bais Yaakov of Boston at (617) 254-7547 or email